Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun In Agility Class Today...

I had a great time today at agility class! When we first got there, I was very excited as usual, and wanted to greet every single dog. Then when we sat down, Lizzy told me to sit but I was very excited and couldn't sit no matter how hard I tried! What made things even more exciting it that just then, Toby and his human walked in and sat down right beside Lizzy and I! Toby is the big Border Collie X that I always wanted to meet, but he usually sits on the other side of the big room than where we usually sit. But this time, he was right beside me! I was very excited, (and so was he) so we did what we all do to greet each other - sniff each other's butts.
"Hmm, very nice butt you got there, Toby," I said.
"Why thank you! And yours is too." He replied. "It smells very sweet. Did you just get a bath or something?"
"Yes I did. And-"
"Sparky! Come sit!" Lizzy jerked my leash towards her.
Just one moment Lizzy! One more sniff! "So, Toby, I can smell other things on your butt... In fact, let me just... hold on..." I leaned forward and started licking his butt. The smell was so nice, I just had to taste it. "Oh my, Toby! Your butt tastes just like-"
"SPARKY! Get over here!" Lizzy jerked my leash over, quite hard this time. Toby's human started giggling and Lizzy's face turned red.
Just then our agility instructor called me up to be first to try out the course! Lizzy took off my leash, and we walked to the start.
"Sit, Sparky."
"Why? I can stand, can't I? I'm too excited to sit!"
"Sparky, sit!"
I sat for just one second, then jumped back up because I was too excited. Lizzy just shook her head and then started running toward the first pieces of equipment, calling them out by name. Of course, I am so fast that her brain can't keep up, and she starts calling things different names or doesn't call them anything at all. I was headed towards the tunnel when she yelled, "Shoo, no, er, ju, I mean, tir, uh.. Tunnel!" By the time she said it I was already through and onto my next piece of equipment.
But just then, I decided to put on a show. I wanted to make things different... just for a little fun, you know? So I turned around and started barking at Lizzy. I barked, and barked, and barked. Everyone else watching laughed. I liked it. So I barked more.
"Sparky! What are you doing, you silly dog? I don't have anything for you, now go A-frame!"
I barked all the harder. Then I turned toward the A-frame, and ran full blast toward it, (barking all the while) and just before I got to it I quickly switched directions, took a very high flying leap, and landed right on top of the tunnel, making it roll over and collapse. Everyone started laughing, and I felt very proud of myself.
The instructor looked very shocked, and said, "What happened to the Star of my class?!"
Lizzy just shrugged as she grabbed me and pulled me back towards the A-frame again. She tried to look mad at me, but I noticed a few giggles slipped out. She can never actually for real get mad at me, but she pretends she can.
Anyway, I wasn't finished my show, so when Lizzy yelled out the next piece of equipment (The teeter) I ran towards it, and touched the very beginning and then took another flying leap right of the beginning of the teeter and landed on the floor a few feet away in the opposite direction. Then I turned around and barked at Lizzy some more. She made me try again, so I touched the beginning of the teeter and then jumped backwards and landed a few feet away again. This was quite fun.
However, I decided to leave with having successfully done each peice of equipment. So for the third try on the teeter, I did it perfectly. And right after, I turned around and barked at Lizzy some more until she gave me a treat back at our seats.
Lizzy looked very shocked. "I've never seen him this crazy in agility before! Sparky, what is with you today?"
Ahh... nothing like havin' a bit of fun during agility.


Simba said...

That sounds like great fun.

Simba xx

Baily said...

mommy was laughing all the way through your post sparky! she seemed to find it hilarious. i on the other hand don't know what you could have done differently. you did everything just the way i would have done it. GOOD JOB!

nose licks

Snowy & Crystal said...

Sparky - it sounds so much fun :D no pictures though :( We would love to see Toby ;)

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Ctystal

Snowy & Crystal said...

Hey sparky, we tagged you for a tummy picture post :) you gotta make a post that contains a picture of your tummy, then tag three other blog doggies

Frasypoo said...

Sparkys mommy,
That was a good post,very entertaining!Good writing
Frasiers mommy