Friday, August 24, 2007

More Presents and a Walk to the Pond

I got more presents, this time from Butchy and Snickers! Of course, here are the pictures...

Here's all the awesome things I got from Butchy and Snickers!

The tennis balls are my favorite of course, but I also love this new kong toy!

The treats are so yummy! I love them! But I don't like it when Lizzy makes me balance them on my nose.

A big thank you to Butchy and Snickers! I love my new presents!

So the other day Lizzy and I went for a walk up to the pond. She hasn't taken me there for the longest time, (About a week) so I had to answer lots of pee-mail on the way. Lizzy got very impatient with me, but hey, when I get mail, I gotta know what it says and I gotta answer it! Just after we left the house and started walking down the street, I walked Lizzy to the nearest pole and told her to stay and to not pull on my leash while I smell my pee-mail. I was quite shocked at the message. I sniffed it again and again to make sure I smelled it right. It said,

This is my territory. Mine! If you dare try to take it as your own, I will track you down and tear off your ears and tail! That's only if you are lucky. If you still want my territory as your own, I will track you down and kill you! And I will leave you for the cats to eat! This territory is ALL mine, DO NOT TAKE, or you will be extremely sorry! Marked, Toodles the Maltese.

Boy, that "Toodles" guy sounds pretty scary, eh? Well he must have gotten it all wrong, because I've never met Toodles the Maltese in my neighborhood, so he must live somewhere else. This is supposed to me my territory since I live here, so I marked it back. I'm not afraid of Toodles.

I continued walking with Lizzy down the street, when I saw my other pee-mail post and pulled Lizzy to that one and told her to stay. I sniffed my pee-mail, and noticed that Toodles had also left the same message here as well, but it was old. There was a new message on top of his. It said,

This territory is no longer Toodles. It is now MINE! And NO ONE should try to take it back. I can do much more harm to a dog than Toodles can, so you'd better watch your back! If you even TRY to take my territory, then you don't even want to THINK about what I'll do to you. Marked, Fifi the Rottweiler.

Yikes, Fifi sure doesn't sound like the normal Fifi's out there. She's not a little Poodle or anything, she's a Rottweiler! I'm not sure if I can take her on... But I'll have to, because this is supposed to be my territory. So I marked it back,

Too bad for you, Fifi. This territory always was mine, and it always will be! You may smell like dung beetles, but I smell of DEAD SNAKES! MwaHAHAHAHA! Marked, Sparky the Poodle Mix.

I know it doesn't make much sense, but I didn't want the pee-mail to be too short or else Fifi might think I'm wimpy or something. Anyway, we finally got to the pond after I checked and replied to many more messages from different dogs that said practically the same thing. I was relieved to find that the pond is water, so I drank up about half of it because I was very thirsty after the long walk. All of a sudden I saw something. A fish! And another one! I know that fish tastes very good, because my humans often feed me left-over fish they have for dinner. I wonder if I could catch my own fish to eat?

I saw a few more fish, but I wasn't able to catch them. I guess I'll have to stick with eating the left-over fish at dinner. Do you think I'm part Pointer? Because whenever I see an animal that I would very much like to catch and eat, I lift up my paw and point at it with my nose. Well I'm already part Poodle, Cavalier, and Papillon, so why not Pointer too?

On Sunday Lizzy is going to leave me. It will be very sad. She's going to camp and won't be back for 6 whole days! I'll miss her. I won't be able to blog either, because I need Lizzy's help to blog. So this might be my last post for a little while, but maybe I can fit a little post in just before Lizzy goes to camp. Bark to you all later!


Stanley said...

Sparky Boy!!

That's some fearsome peemails somedoggies are leaving in your neighborhood. Way to go, buddy! All you can do is stand your ground. (It cracks me up that those doggies think a simple peemail is going to claim your territory for themselves). Your messages definitely say, "HA! I laugh in the face of your naive and pitiful attempt to wrest control of this territory from ME!!"

Love your pond! I just discovered that I'm kind of a pointer too! I have no idea where it came from, but you look great as a pointer!

Tell that Lizzy that she needs to plan better around your blogging needs. 'Nuff said.

Goober love,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Sparky,
We're glad you love your prezzies! Did you see that the tennis balls are peanut butter flavored??
Your pond looks so nice. We actually point too & we're terriers. Mama says that poodles are hunters just like terriers are so that's why we probably all point at the vermin & things. Too bad those other dogs are leaving peemails in your territory. We are lucky we live in the country cause we don't have to worry about other doggies trying to take over our territory. We hope Lizzy has a fun time at camp!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

Sparky, be careful and watch your back. It sounds like you must live in a dangerous neighborhood!!!
Ozzie's been stalked before, but we've never gotten any threatening pee-mails. That's scary!
Hope you don't miss your person too much while she's gone. We look forward to hearing from you when she gets back:)
Take care---
Ozzie & Rocky

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sparky.
You got great presents from Butchy and Snickers! Enjoy them!
All those pee mails are very scary!! You are so brave!!
We wish Lizzy great time at the camp!
We will be waiting for your next post!
Have a good night


Wow more presents! You are a very lucky puppy. That Kong toy looks fun. We have tagged you in a new name game. Come over to our blog to check out the details.
Jazz and Dixie

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Sparky,

That wasa great message you left for Fifi! hahahahaha
Oh, the tennis ball looks fun, hope you will have a graet weekend ahead!


Amber-Mae said...

WOW! More lovely pressies...You are one lucky chap Sparky! That tennis ball looks fun, weeee! Looked like you had fun at the pond again.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

ToFFee said...

You got great pressies from Butchy and Snickers!

woah.. and lotsa peemails for you and not good ones ei? I'm sure Lizzy will protect your from those scoundrels..

ýou sure had fun at the pond.. maybe you could point to Lizzy the fish and ask her to get it for you.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

more, more n more pressie...

hope u keep them coming ...

did u manage to hunt anything frm d pond?

triple B's said...

Hey Sparky, you are a good pee-mail reader. Pee-mail is the most important method of communication with us dogs. We 3Bs even do pee-mail with each other! And guess what?! I, Bailey, am a pointer also! And I'm only 1/2 poodle and 1/2 schnauzer! But I can point! And I can do pee-mail! Boy, we have a lot in common!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi there Sparky boy,
Don't you just wuff to receive pressies?? I wuff my Wubba from Butch and Snickers too!!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That sounds like so much fun. I like answering pee mails too.

Do come back soon ok.

Boy n Baby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What nice gifts you got from Butch y & Snickers. And you're great balancing things on your cute nose. :)

~ Girl girl

PreciOus said...

Way to go Sparky! You showed them who's boss! Hahaha!

Gonna miss you while you're away.


Anonymous said...

I loved the presents from Butchy & Snickers - they are too cool!!

You look nice and cool in the pond - restocking for more fearsome pee mail on the way home by the sounds of it!

I hope you don't miss Lizzy too much when she's away - looking forward to having you back and blogging again soon.


Jemma said...

Wow, the doggies in your neighborhood are quite scary sounding. I'm glad you're able to take them on!


Mary-Margaret said...

Hey Sparks, my man. Happy belated birthday, although I coulda swore that I sang to you earlier. Didn't I? Oh gosh, so much to remember. I know what you mean about pee-mail. There's a couple of boys that leave me some, too. Hey, a girl has to stop for her love letters, you know? But my mom sounds like Lizzie...she always pulls the other way. So NOT fair, I tell youu.

Goofy said...

Butchy and Snickers are so kind to send you such wonderful toys and treats...
Enjoy them, pal..

Ume said...

Ha! Toodles & Fifi dunno whom they're dealing with! i'm glad u gave them a pee of your mind!

i'll be missing u! Lizzy, be back soon!

Simba said...

Hope you had a good weekend. Lots of catching up to do on everyones blogs.

Simba xx

Amici said...

We loved your toys! :) You and Sitka (husky) get a lot of presents!! Very special.

We liked your pond pics. You really do look like you are going to get something.

We hope Lizzy has a blast at camp! We'll miss your blogging days but hopefully she'll come home soon.

fee said...

what horrid gangsters, that toodles and fifi! i hope you'll keep your association with them strictly restricted to pee-mails. i don't want any of them doing anything icky to you.


Ferndoggle said...

I love those yummy chummies!

And I think I should have my own pond.


Momo :) said...

oh my dog Sparky Boy!! More prezzies?? I would love to try Peanuts butter flavored tennis ball! :)

Momo xoxo

Snowball said...

Seeing the pictures of you posing with your pressies always make us laugh... cos you look so serious...

You only look relax when you are playing outside home but just as handsome as ever...


Frasypoo said...

Hi Sparky,I think I am part pointer too!!
I have a gallon tank in me to make sure i can leave loads of pee-mail!!

Snowy & Crystal said...

Sparky - you must be one lucky pooch to get all these pressies, huh!?

loved the pictures

wooofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal

Snowy & Crystal said...

by the way sparky, we tagged you in the middle name game. check out our blog to see how to play this game ;)

have fun

s and c

Charlie said...

Good job on the pee-mail, Sparky. You really have a way with "words"! Say, how do you do that 'stay' thing with your human - I think mine needs more training!

Charlie dog said...

Hi Sparky

Remember when you're human is away to do the old sad puppy dog trick on the humans you're staying with, it's works every time.

When 'she who must be obeyed' is away I always stay with her mum and dad - before I even get there the special chicken for the sad doggy is at the ready to cheer me up. Yum Yum.


Charlie Boy

Orion said...

Hi Sparky! That's a lot of really cool presents that you got from everyone. Just make sure you keep them away from whoever is leaving those stinky pee-mails all over the place. Who do they think they are, anyway!!
So I'm finally back from my long hiatus (my mom told me that word...hehe) and back to writing again. I'm glad your still out having fun and telling us about it in your blog!

Until next time,

Casper said...

Way to tell those other doggies in your pee mail!

Rose said...

Watch out for all the competitors in your territory. But we know you will let them know who is BOSS in your neighborhood.
Also, thanks for telling us about frosty paws. We don't know what they are, but we are sure going to convince our folks to look for them. We love cool, refreshing treats!
Rusty & Smoky