Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Peanut Butter = Embarrassing.

Ugh, I don't think I like peanut butter very much anymore. Well, I still love it, but it's just too embarrassing to eat! I can't help it that it gets stuck in my mouth, and people start laughing at me. Now Lizzy put this video up on Youtube, and I feel like hiding in a hole...

I'm never gonna eat peanut butter again. If I do, I'm gonna steal the whole jar and hide with it somewhere where nobody can see me and no one will laugh at me.

Anyway, enough of the peanut butter talk. It started raining again. Friday afternoon was nice, but it's been raining since. However, I have been able to go for 3 walks over the long weekend when there was little breaks in the downpours. Oh, on Thursday I had a great time at agility! Because I hadn't done any agility in 2 weeks, I had lots of extra energy! When Lizzy was trying to get me to do some boring, tiny, little jumps, I decided the tunnels were much better, so I blasted off through the tunnels! Lizzy wasn't very happy, but it just felt so good to release my energy! When I was supposed to go over just the A-frame and through a tunnel, I continued on all the way down the ring, going over every jump I could find. Oh, how fun agility is! I'm a happy dog again!


Lacy said...

wooofies sparky!!! me thinkies u cutes when u eats peanut butter..and good job on the agility...

b safe,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sparky
Don't be embarrassed. That happens to all of us! Sure peanut butter is yummy, right?
Glad you had you agility class. Finally!
Have a good night

Charlie said...

Peanut butter's worth it, don't you think?

PreciOus said...

Hi Sparky!

I wonder why would the hoomans laugh at you. You look so adorable licking the peanut butter off the spoon! Nothing funny at all. *Grinz*


Snowy & Crystal said...

LOL SParky - look at that tongue

mommies can sometimes be mean :p

S and C

Asta said...

I would nevew evew laugh at you..don't give up peanut buttew it's too yummy..it gets stuck fow evewydoggie and you'we pawfedtly adowable eating it..not a laughing mattew!
I'm so glad you got to go to agility..I bet it was tons of fun! it wained hewe too today,and I couldn't go to the wun..I was weally bowed
smoochie kisses

Chloé said...



serendipity said...

Don't see what's so funny about it. That's how peanut butter is supposed to be eaten. Hoomans can be so strange.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Sparky I love to eat peanut butter too. I'm so glad you get to go to agility and be so happy releasing your energy

~ Girl girl

Simba said...

Peanut butter is very difficult to eat. I think they should put it on toast for us.

Simba xx

fee said...

wow, peanut butter on your tongue! i think, if you go to bed like that, you will have a sweet dream!


2shibas said...

Getting laughed at is never fun, but I bet it was worth every lick!

Wiley & Fievel

Frasier said...

I stole a whole jar once !!It was fun though

TH said...

Cool! You have your agility class again! Have much fun!
And don´t be embarassed! Peanut butter is delicious!

4xBs said...

Hi Sparky, glad you got to do agility again finally. that video of you eating peanut butter is pretty good. that's what happens to us too. you get a lot of licks from that sticky stuff, and yummmy it's good.

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit I don't really like peanut butter - seems I must be a bit of a freak!! I loved watching your tongue trying to get it all off the top of your mouth - it was a little funny!

Good work with the agility too - I try and make up my own courses too - I personally think mine are so much more fun!!


Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe, you look sooo funny eating that peanut butter. Actually, I don't like peanut butter that much coz it gets stuck on top of my mouth & sometimes it glues my mouth together. Sooo embarrassing!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pacco de Mongrel said...


looking at your tongue moving in and out at top speed is really funny...

let me go try that out too

Reba said...

Gee, Sparky... I gotta try that agility stuff one day. I wish they had some of those things up at my dog park so I could play woof 'em. I don't have any to play woof. Oh well, I have fun at the dog park anyway, but some days it's just so hard to burn off all my energy.

I love peanut butter and don't care who laughs at me, so send it on over here and I'll eat it all for you.

Say, where's that meme thingy I sent you? Did you eat it instead of puttin' it up on yur blog fur people to see??

Later. Whoof!!


Hi Sparky,
Peanut butter is great tasting stuff hey. Wonder why it sticks like that though. One of mum's primary taechers used to sing this song about peanut butter.
he hum here goes:
Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter
Its good for your sister
And its good for your brother
The only thing wrong about peanut butter
Is you gotta unstick it one way or the other!!
Jazz and Dixie

Asta said...

Hi Sparky!
It's almost weekend time!! it wained all day today hewe,so I couldn't go to the wun..I pwacticed piano and my pokew face some mowe
I hope you get to do agility this weekend!
smoochie kisses
pee ess.I suwe would like to play with you!

Sophie Brador said...

Aaaaaw Spark, That's not embarrasing. You look super cute licking your lips. And the kitty cameo is adorable. I'm just envying all the PB.


Ume said...

but u looked so adorable savoring the peanut butter!

Pee.S: i like your current haircut! my hooman said u r irresistably cute!

T-man said...

Ooh, I miss eating peanut butter!! There's nothing wrong with the way you eat...I used to do the same thing :) Now I'm on this stupid diet that says peanut butter is evil. I hate dieting!!

Huskee Boy said...

Hahahahahahhahahaaa.... it's a great video!! My mama loved it so much she watched it so many times.. there was intense tongue action and totally adorable... No need to be embarassed for being too cute!

PerfectTosca said...

I love peanut butter, Sparky. Half the fun is when it sticks to the roof of your mouth and you cluck!

Tasha & Eva said...

Our humans laugh at us too when we have peanut butter. Its worth it though! We just LOVE that stuff!! We even have our own jar of creamy goodness. Have a great weekend, Sparky! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Tansy said...

Barky, Sparky! Delightful Peanut Butter!

Agility is So Fun; I quite like the Tunnels too. Our people made Jumps, so we can Jump any day it doesn't rain!


Mary-Margaret said...

Anything is worth a little peanut butter, if you ask me. I love the stuff. YUM!

Patience-please said...

Mmmmmm!!! Peanut butter *and* butt tuck zoomies around the agility ring?

the Zoomster, Sam I Am
of the Whippet Waggle

Orion said...

Peanut butter is really hard to eat! It makes everyone look a little funny when they snack on it, but it's definitely worth it. Besides, since it gets stuck in your monuth, you kinda get to enjoy it for a while -- you can lick a little while your playing ball and then munch a little later before you settle in for a nap. Hey! you could even have some while you're doing agility (well...maybe not because it would be a little distracting)! Either way...I say penut butter should stay in your list of yummy stuff.

Until next time,

Charlie dog said...

Hi Sparky

You should have got your own back on Mum by cleaning your tongue on her trousers!

I've never had peanut butter, but today I got my paws on some black pudding - yum yum yummy yum.

I also registered on facebook for a laugh. (see my blog).


Charlie boy

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hi Sparky

We are just back from moving and there is still alot of settling in to be done.

Did you get a hair cut? Hmmm, your hair looks shorter but you are still so cute :)

Boy n Baby

Amici said...

I thought the very first couple of licks were cute (before you even got the PB) but man....it was worth the wait to see you licking and licking! I love PB!

g9ine said...


That's nothing! Sometimes Dad will get a huge gobber of peanut butter on the spoon, so much that it threatens to fall off, and when Bella opens her mouth to start licking, he sticks the spoon in there and scrapes the peanut butter onto the top of her mouth. You should see her expression. It's woof-sterical.