Monday, December 10, 2007

15 Days 'Till Christmas

Christmas is coming fast! It's just 2 more weeks away! I received 6 more cards in the mail today. Now I have 26 all together. Lizzy finally just started hanging them up on the wall in our room. Speaking of cards, I still have about 10 more I need Lizzy to make and mail. She's taking forever! Some of you might get some late cards...

Today the mailman was wondering why I get so much mail these days. He said I get more than he does! I think he's quite scared. Some of you have been wondering what's going on between the mailman and I... Well, it all started a few years ago. I can't believe we've had the same mailman for so long! But anyway, you know how we all like to bark at any strange (Or even non-strange!) people that come to our door? Well, when Lizzy and I were in the front yard one day, I saw the mailman come into our yard with the mail, and I ran to him and barked at him. I'd never bite him, though. I just like to bark at people. And it's especially fun when they're people that are scared of dogs. It freaks them out when I bark! He he. But anyway, this mailman is the scaredest of dogs guy you'll ever meet. I always keep a few feet away from people who are scared of me, but this mailman was so scared that he got out the pepper spray and starting spraying at me! I don't even know what pepper spray is, but Lizzy gasped when she realized what it was, and I can tell she doesn't like it. So, while he sprayed at me, I still barked and dodged back in forth. I missed every single spray, he he! But in the middle of the game, Lizzy grabbed my collar and dragged me away. A few days later, I was outside with Lizzy again. The mailman came into our yard, and I decided to play the game again! So I barked at him, and he sprayed at me, and missed every time. But do you know what's really funny? He dances! When I bark at him and he sprays, he also kinda jumps up and down and kicks out towards me, doing this funny kind of jig. Lizzy said he was trying to kick me without getting too close to me, 'cause he was afraid I would bite him. What?! I thought we were playing a game! Kicking in a game isn't fair! The next day the mailman didn't come at all. Someone else came and gave us a letter that said something about us not getting any mail for a month, and I would have to stay inside all day every day, and due to many serious injuries from myself to the mailman, he would be allowed to sue us if I bite him one more time. Now that, is one scaredy-cat. The mailman, that is. I didn't even touch him! In fact, the guy who delivered the letter saying all this wanted to see me, and I gave him lots of extra kisses because he was a nice mailman. He doesn't think I would bite anyone. Anyway, the years went by, and we found out that it's not only me the mailman is scared of. He hates every dog in the neighborhood! We've met tons of people who were upset with this mailman, 'cause he wouldn't deliver their mail because he thought their dogs were "vicious". Just this last summer, I was playing with the Maltese neighbor, Keda. We saw the mailman and ran up and barked at him, and he did his little jig again, trying to kick both of us at once. Keda's family got in trouble the next day. I kinda felt bad for leading her into the mailman game. Well, now that I've been getting all these letters and cards from you all, I think the mailman might have a heart attack! I was thinking, maybe all the neighborhood dogs and I should make a Christmas card for him with all our pictures on it, and say, "From your most favorite dogs, Sparky and the neighborhood pooches". I'd give anything to see the expression on his face.

Well, enough of all the mailman talk. I was awarded this golden rose by Amber! Thank you Amber!
I think I will now give it to two of the most beautiful dogs in the world, Tasha and Eva!

Today we went for a walk up the hill to the pond again. It snowed a tiny bit yesterday, it's just barely noticeable. The pond is completely frozen over now, and you wouldn't believe how much fun I had chasing after my ball across the pond! It sure is slippery! At least I'm getting in lots of practice for Butchy and Snicker's ice skating pond party!

They other day something horrible happened. Lizzy was taking me for a walk, and I stopped to check my pee mail on a pole. Lizzy pulled on my leash and jerked me away, saying, "Come on Sparky, keep going!" I thought, Hey, Lizzy! What do you think you're doing? Then I had a horrible thought. Do you think you OWN ME?! I just couldn't believe it. What are these humans thinking these days?! They're silly creatures, I tell you!


Orion and Cassie said... had us laughing with your mailman story. It serves him right...he shouldn't spray that stuff at you! I don't know what it is, but M said it's bad and it hurts if it gets in your eyes. You should be sure to keep barking at him. Ha!

Wags and woo-woooofs,

Peanut said...

Oh geez your mailman is stupid. That was a funny story. We were laughing so hard.

serendipity said...

LOL that's funny!

Congrats on your golden rose!

By the way, you've been awarded too! Come on over to pick it up. Thank you for being such a great friend!

Snowball said...

That mailman you have is not fit for the job at all. I wonder how he manage to stay on the job for so long. Didn't any of your neighbours who have dogs lodge a complain against him? Its because of you guys that he gets his job. he should be appreciative about that.

Congratulations on the award.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Sparky
What a story with your mailman!
I want to bark some bad words to my mailman because he has just brought me one card!
Have a good night

Serena said...

Congratulations! Anyway, that was a really funny story.

Stanley said...


You are cracking me UP,man! I think you should DEFINITELY send that scaredy-cat mailman a Christmas card. He must have had something pretty terrible happen to him when he was a pup to act like that around YOU!

That thing about Lizzy thinking she owns you... I've dealt with the same thing. I mean, I know my hooman girl & I belong to each other, but she likes to THINK she's in charge. I let her. But, of course, I'm the one who is secretly calling all the shots. Just humor Lizzy. It'll make her feel better.

Goober love,

Anonymous said...

Man that mailman sounds NASTY! It is a funny story though since neither of you got hurt - it must be fun turning him on to make him dance like that!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, I couldn't stop laughing when I read the whole thing about the mailman & you. He's a dumbo!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

I have promised not to try and bite the postman until January.

Simba xx

Jessie and Jake said...

We are proud Canadians too!

We love your page!

Yahoo Xmas right around the corner!

Ferndoggle said...

See! I knew all of those mailpeople were evil! I bark at all of the mailmen in the neighborhood...not just mine.

We got your card today. Thank you Sparky!!!! Yours just went in the mail on Friday so you should have it soon.


Dory and Liza said...

Hey Sparky -

Nice posts - our mail mail is questioning my mom too. Maybe he thinks we are sys or something.

We tagged you to answer some questions. Check out our post for details.


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Sparky your mailman is so funny! if he walked by our fence with us barking loud he would for sure keel over! We all giggled & we think it is brilliant idea to send the poochy picture card to him hehe

oh mommy wants to now how you got your snow flakes can you pee-mail her? she loves you not scared jigging going on over here.

waggin TX tails wishin we could bark loud at your postman!

The Brat Pack said...

LOL, that mailman story is hilarious! We can just picture it now!


Ruby Bleu said...

SO I don't get why your mailman is a mailman at all if he is so afraid of dogs. That just silly, don't you think??? I LOVE the idea of the card from all the neighborhood pooches...that would TOTALLY freak him out. I think you should get Lizzy to help you...and it would also put her in her place on who owns who - LOL.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tofu Burger said...

Oh my gawd Sparky! That mailman sounds like a loser... bleh. I'm glad he didn't hurt you.


T-man said...

What a scaredy-cat mailman!! How could he be scared of an adorable doggie like you? Of course, I'm sure you have a very fierce bark...

Yes, be careful Lizzy doesn't get any ideas about "ownership". I let my mom know who's boss at home, and it's not her!!

Frasier said...

Hi Sparky
That was a funny story,I bark really hard at our mail man and he calls me killer!!!
But mommy gives him a gift at Christmas with my paw print in it to apologise for barking at him !!!

Kara said...

I can't believe the mailman tried to pepper spray you! What a meanie!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I'm glad you're helping to keep track to count down to xmas. :)

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

OMdoG.. I know I should not be laughing at the mailman but it is so funny!! Stay away from him though.. I suspect that little jig he does is Chinese 'Kong-Fu' and it can be quite lethal (although apparently he still needs a lot of practice!)
I think it is a brilliant idea for you to send him a Christmas card.. just for the heck of it. We'd love to hear about his reaction!

Amber said...

Teehee, the mailman story sure is enjoyable to read. I would love to see him doing his little"dance". Thank god, the pepper spray missed you everytime.

Amber :)

Murphey said...

Wow! we love our mailman and he loves us, i guess we're lucky. Last year he loved all our cards, he said we got more than ANYONE he knew, hee hee.


Gus and Louie said...

That was a great story about the mailman. Our mailman never gets out of his truck but the UPS guy does. He told Sis that he thought we had some pretty mean dogs inside. I love to bark at him when he drops stuff on our door!!

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

We got a wonderful Christmas card from you today! Thanks Sparky!
We love you mailman story. Too funny! You should give him a card. That would get him!
Ozzie & Rocky

Amici said...

Your mailman story is a riot. Stupid person. Our mailman won't come to our mailbox if the driveway isn't shoveled. One Sat. he came early and we didn't end up getting any mail. :(

We're glad you are enjoying the card exchange. We love it too! We got your card (forgot if I told you that or not) and we LOVE it!

You seem to be one lucky Pup, Sparky, and have an awesome family!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Sparky, I read your blog 1st in the morning and you really brighten up my day.

I thought Im the only dog that bark non stop at the mailman, the bakeryman or the pork-delivery man...always the same person....I just like to scare them!!! Like you, gimme 5 !!!

But your mailman is kinda meanie, sprayed on you?? He deserve a BITE not only BARK!!! They just dont understand us.....and my mailman always gave the "stoopid doubt & suprise" LOOK at me when I got mail especially this holiday season...HE IS SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!

Pugs & Kisses said...

I love your mailman story. I love to bark at strangers too. I love to bark at Laila's new boyfriend because he is scared of dogs. Mom & Dad let me too because they don't really want him to be too comfortable... not yet anyway.

Asta said...

That sounds like the silliest mailman evew..I love my mailman Vinnie..he loves all the dogs in ouw building,,thewew awe about 200..I'm not kidding all kinds fwom tiny to hooge, but hea gets along fine with all of us and talks to me and pats me too..
I think Lizzie was just looking out fow you,thewe was pwobably something that could have huwt you that's why she yanked you away
smoochie kisses

2shibas said...

Your mailman is so mean! Was he really spraying pepper spray at you? And kicking? HE could be sued! We are outraged, but it was a funny story...only because in the end you're safe and he's just a weirdo!

Wiley & Fievel

Pacco de Mongrel said...

we are currently busy with that mailing card process...

i hope mine will reach ur place soon...

Tasha & Eva said...

Hey Sparky! Sorry you haven't gotten our card yet. We mailed them on Monday so hopefully you will get it real soon. What a great mailman story! He was kinda mean so he deserved to be barked at. Good job avoiding the pepper spray and his futile attempts to kick you. Thank you ever so much for the Golden Rose award! It's beautiful! We'll post it on our blog very soon. And thank you also for the extremely nice complement! We think you are a beautiful pup, too!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Asta said...

Hi Sparky
All I get is icy wain..I'm weally tiwed of it, and wish it would snow so I could go out and play...I've pwetty much destwoyed all my stuffies
smoochie kisses

TH said...

I liked your story, Sparky. It was very funny!
Congrats on award!

Love and licks

Lacy said...

woofies sparky, heehee me guesses u showeded dat mail time he twrys to get the pepper spray out, pee on his shoes....

b safe,