Thursday, November 23, 2006

Heh heh... Keda's over!

For those of you who do not know who Keda is, she is... well... I'm embarrassed to say this, but she's my girlfriend. I don't like to admit it in front of my humans, but most of them know now.
Anyway, she's a beautiful (Full of mats and messy fur! Just my type!) Maltese with just a tiny bit of Toy Poodle in her. Her humans are going to Disney World for two and a half weeks, so we are going to look after her. She just got dropped off this morning, and boy is she excited! Well, I'm excited too actually. Anyway, here's what's been going on so far today....

"BARK! Bark, bark, bark! Bark, BARK! Some one is trying to break in again!"
I barked loudly. "They're banging on the door! Come quickly! Help me get rid of 'em!" (It's funny how humans act so casual when some one is banging at the door, eh? I mean, what do they think the knocking people are doing? Just trying to get them to open the door?! Ha! Of course we dogs all know that it's something much more serious... Like, someone is trying to break into the house or kill the door or something!)
"Oh, don't worry Sparky! We're coming, we're coming." Esther said as she walked to the door.
"Well hurry up then! They're about to crash down the door!" I barked all the louder. By then Joey, Mommy and Lizzy had got to the door too. "Quick! Open it wide and I'll pounce!" I growled. They opened the door, and.... Wow! There was Keda, giving me the most beautiful lopsided drooling smile! I almost melted. She's a dog to melt for. I forgot all about the people trying to break in or crash down the door....
She pranced into the house, her human following quickly behind. "Hi Sparky!" she barked, her tail wagging. "Guess what? I'm going to live with you and your humans for almost 3 weeks!"
Three weeks? I couldn't believe it! Keda an' I could hang out together for three weeks! "That's great! C'mon, I'll show you around the house!" And then we pranced off, leaving Keda's human to give instructions to my humans about what to do with Keda.
"I'll show you all the escape routes in the backyard, and how to sneak up on the cats, and-"
"Hey, isn't that a cat there? It is! Let's go chase it!"
Keda barked excitedly, running towards the glass door, where the cat was. The only problem was that the cat was outside the glass door, and we were inside. Keda must of thought she could go right through the glass door, because she ran into it. Or maybe she couldn't see it. She didn't seem to care, though. "Quick! Get that cat before it gets away! Hurry, Sparky!" she growled. And what am I supposed to do? I know there's no way to go through the glass door, so.... well, I don't want to make Keda look dumb, so I guess I'll just have to pretend to be as dumb as her.
"Okay! Quick, lets get that cat!" I roared as I ran for the glass door. I crashed into it, and then pretended to realize that I couldn't go through it. "Well, I can't go through this thing. But I'll run through the front door back to the backyard and get the cat there!" And poof, I was off! I was beginning to like this idea... I could show off to Keda how fast I was! I was going to catch THAT CAT! I zoomed out the front door when Keda's owner was leaving, and zoomed around the corner of the house, and zoomed toward the fence, and slipped through a little hole in the fence (One of my escape routes that only Lizzy has found out about so far) and zoomed to the corner of the backyard where I last saw the cat. Only.... Where is the cat? It's not here! Oh great, how am I gonna catch it now when I don't even know where it is? I walked around the backyard a few times, but couldn't find the cat. So I ran to the back door, and barked to be let in again (I usually whine to be let in, but I barked to show Keda that I'm not a sissy). Eventually Lizzy came to the door and let me in. I ran to Keda, already having a great story forming in my mind about how I easily caught the cat and teared it to shreds. But.... Keda had forgotten all about it. She discovered the cat food. I walked up to her, and barked, "Hey Keda! Want to see how much cat food I can eat in just 10 seconds?"
"Oh yes! That would make a great show! Are you ready? I'll say go. Ready, set, -"
"Oh no you don't!" Lizzy interrupted. "This is for cats, not dogs!" She picked up the food bowl and put it on the counter out of reach. I looked embarrassingly back at Keda, and was about to say- Wait a minute! Where is Keda?!
"Yap yap yap! Sparky, come look what I found! It's a toy bone! Let's attack it!" she barked from the other side of the house. Oh boy, this is going to be a loooong 2 1/2 weeks.


Simba said...

Sounds like you and your girlfriend are going to have great fun together.

Simba xx

Justin said...

hey, congrats u 've a girlfriend!!But plz don't tell my doggy about this..he will get angry since he has got none.hehe!! And hey, check out this post on dog pantry. I hope u'll like it...

Baily said...

you have been tagged! read my blog! :)

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