Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fat Cat and the String.

I would like to give Charlie a big thank you for his advice on how to get my burger back from Fatso (White Cat). However, I actually got my burger back in a different way! If I had thought of this way before, I would have gotten it a lot sooner. Anyway, after a while of staring at White Cat and my burger, my humans starting filling the cat food bowl with cat food. As you all know, that Fatso loves food, so he forgot all about my burger and ran to his food bowl. And I, waiting 'till he got out of my sight, scooped up my burger and chewed on it happily for the rest of the afternoon. (And yes, White Cat is very fat, and yes, he weighs more than I do)

Remember a while ago I was saying that I think I might be a cat? 'Cause I can climb like one, jump like one, I eat cat food, I sleep like a cat, and all those cat-type things... You all reassured me that I was a dog, but please reassure me again... I hate cats, but I'm feeling more like one than ever...

Before I leave, I'd just like to wish Lizzy's sister, Esther, a happy birthday today! Esther's turning 13. Happy birthday Esther!

Have a good weekend everydog!


Peanut said...

I like to eat cat food too. It's good but in no way does that make you a cat. YOu are are dog.

Snowball said...


You are definitely a dog! Dun ever worry about being a cat so long as you still Woof and not starting to Meow.

Happy Birthday to Esther.


Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday to Esther!
Sure you are a DOG!!
I like to play with strings too! Its really fun and I am not a cat! (I guess!)
Have a good night

Lacy said...

woofies Sparky, heehee jus fink of the string likies a rope toy...problem solved..and me eats cat food too...and i still a doggy..happy birfday to Esther..firteen iz a good age, dats how olds i iz...

b safe,

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Sparky, you might like a laser pointer, too! just don't look into it.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Esther and you sure showed White Cat how string should really be played with!!


Amber said...

Glad you got your toy back! I love to play with strings and cat toys, I don't know why but it sure is fun. Happy Birthday to Esther!
Thanks for linking me up too btw

Take care


Ofcos a dog you are Sparky,if u don't believe me go look at yrself in the mirror.

Kara said...

Balls of string entice the dogs around here too - so don't feel too species confused!

TH said...

You´re not a cat, you´re a dog, Sparky! I like to play with string too!


Charlie dog said...

Hi Sparky

Glad you got your burger back, different plan same key - FOOD. The answer to everything with that fat cat.

Has anyone checked whether fat cat thinks he's a dog?

After all he did steal your burger and he looks like he ate all the dog food. Watch out you don't fade away cos' he's had all the grub.


Charlie Boy

Momo :) said...

Wow, Sparky!! This video is great!! Well done and I enjoyed it very much! I shall try string, too since I've met many kitty friends. :)

Please say Happy birthday to Esther!

Momo xoxo

serendipity said...

Happy Birthday Esther!

Sparky, you are a dog. You are a dog. You are a dog. You are a dog. Keep repeating that. Cheers!

Stanley said...


Please give some big wet goober birthday kisses to Esther for me, will ya? Tell her there's more where those are coming from.

About this identity issue... it's NOT an issue. Being a dog you're not tied to any one stereotype or expectation. You do what you like because, by golly, you're a DOG. If you do decide to start purring or meowing, that won't make you anymore a cat than *I* am. You can put this question to rest!

Goober love,

2shibas said...


I think that maybe dogs like to do all kinds of things cats enjoy...but no one ever thinks to let us try. Like catnip, for instance. WTF? I'd totally sniff that stuff and get high but no one gives it to me.

No worries, dude. You're definitely a dog!


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Sparky! hehehe mom & dad tell us all the time we're part cat 'cos we like to lick ourself clean, play w/ string and pounce at things... you woof like a dog you look like a dog so we think your a dog!

Lot of Love Licks Tx trio wagging out & barking loud! cos we're dogs

Murphey said...

There's a test you can take that will tell you if you are more of a cat or a dog, you should take it! My lady is 70% cat....


Frasier said...

Happy Birthday to Esther.
Sparky,I cannot say anything against cat as I have my very own kitty cat friend now !

Ashley said...

That is so cute! Puppies can play with string too! Maxy likes to play with the string that comes on birthday packages. I think he liked that more than the toys:)
We love your video... so cool!

Simba said...

Cats are strange and dangerous creatures.

Simba xx

Hammer said...

Hi Sparky
You're still a dog even though you play with string. Fatso should run around with the string like you to lose some weight. He looks a fierce cat. I think he might scare me. Please wish Esther a 'Happy Birthday' from us too.
Love from Hammer

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hi Sparky

Hmmmm, we guess so long as you dont start to purr n meow, you are still a cat...heee

Anyway, we are just curious to know how big you are. Maybe you can let us know your measurements.

Boy n Baby

ROSSI said...

oh.. that fat cat really a fat fat cat!!... hey.. tell u what.. u definitely is a dog!.. only that fat cat is impersonating us dog.. hehehe


Pacco de Mongrel said...

tell u a secret...

i like playing with feathers....n all other cat's toys...heheh

Mary-Margaret said...

Hey, Sparky Barky, my MAN!! I am baaa-aaaack. Had a blast at "camp" and missed you tons. Anyone questioning you being a dog, you tell them "Ask Mary-Margaret!".

Luv ya, guy!


Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

So nice to see you in touch with your inner cat! Have a great day Sparky!
Ozzie & Rocky

Pugs & Kisses said...

Trust me Sparky, you are way to cute to be a cat.

Happy Birthday to Esther.

Arabella said...

I'm pretty much just a really big cat. I like to bat balls back and forth but I think you're pretty much a dog. Lets face it just because cats got assigned some of the good toys doesn't mean we can't play with them.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Sparky,
Well the reason we think only cats play with string is because they are too wimpy to play with the big tough doggie toys, hehehehehehe! String is probably fun, but there is nothing there to sink your teeth into for tugging or shaking to death. But don't worry, you're not a cat for playing with string.
Have a great weekend!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Amber-Mae said...

That's a good question. I have no idea why... Maybe it looks like wriggly worms. But they also do like to play with other stuff like small jiggly balls or fake rats.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sophie Brador said...

Sparky! You are the leader of the dogs. WE must master their ways if we ever hope to overthrow them, although with White Cat, we may also need to take up weight lifting before we can throw him anywhere.


Charlie said...

You're the master of string, Sparky!

Amici said...

WOWZERS! If we didn't know you any better we'd think you were a CAT in disguise!!!!!! At least you feel secure enough to branch out. :) That was a great video!

Snowy & Crystal said...

Hey Sparky,

that was one cute video of you playing with the string!! awww

andthat scarf looks so adorable on you ;)

S and C

Momo :) said...

Hi Sparky!! How are you? :) I just thought I should come here and sniff around... :)

Momo xoxo

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Sparky,
I am baaaaaaaaaack!! I'm so glad you got your burger back.. =)

Simba said...

Hey are a dog..and it's ok, I like to play with string too!



Orion said...

I'm glad you got your hamburger back!
Oh and I don't think you're a cat. If you were, you'd be smelly and stupid. You're none of those things and as far as I know, you don't Meow either.
Have fun with your string!


fee said...

definitely still a dog, sparky! cats don't know how to do all that! woof!